Attention all coaches and athletes! Are you tired of mediocre results? Do you want to take your performance to the next level and crush your competition? Look no further! Our one-stop-shop offers a range of services designed to help you unlock your full potential. The Sports Psych in your pocket !

the sport psych in your pocket

How we help you achieve potential?

Mental Skill Training for Athletes

Become a mentally stronger athlete with our mental skills training (MST) programmes to become a mentally tougher athlete.

Performing better under Pressure

Using GAZING's Red2Blue strategy we can take you and your team to the next level lfo performance. We are experts at supporting teams to think clearly under pressure and maximise potential.

Sports Psychology for Coaches

Gain the edge on your coaching by understanding sports psychology and how it can impact you and your coaching.

Performance Profiling

Using MINDFLICK's Spotlight profile get deeper understanding of your functional mindset.

How important is the mental side of performance ?

Our mental training programme are tried and tested by athletes and coaches at all levels around the world. Proven to have taken their knowledge and performance to a new level.

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Who are we?

We are a company of qualified professionals who have over 100 collective years spent working with people in learning and performance environments. Our experience is not just in the sporting landscape but a variety of other performance environments such as music, corporate and medical. We have worked with hundreds of teams and individuals from playground to podium level. Whatever your level, we can help.
We created this company to support people to take their performance to a new level. We do this by supporting them to maximise their potential and to understand their untapped potential and getting their mental edge.
Our global experience as practitioners covers the areas of Sports Psychology, Performance Coaching, Performance Analysis, Coach Development and Coaching.


Impact the Game provide a range of Mental Skills Training Programs for athletes in all sports. Mental Skills Training (MST) is becoming more prominent and embedded in the preparation of top athletes and teams. Our unique programs are based on 4 steps;

1. Reflect
2. Learn
3. Practice
4. Train

Our programs provide athletes with the steps to learn about specific mental skills, practice them in their own time, and then train them to integrate into their preparation and competition


At Impact the Game, we would contend that all coaches are also “mental coaches”. The nature of modern coaching requires a high degree of understanding, interacting and supporting athletes. This requires coaching skills that stem from a sound understanding of the Psychology of Coaching. This unique coach education in sport psychology program, comes with 10 modules, divided into level 1 (5 modules) and level 2 (5 modules) covering motivation, goal setting, personality, team building, managing stress, feedback and reinforcement and more.

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Join the journey that others are on, a quest for clarity, enjoyment and greatness. One small change could change the way you think about something and Impact your game.

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