Isn’t it all about winning ?

Impact the Game

I don’t believe people don’t think about winning and wanting to win but what if that’s the only measure of success ? I’ve worked with athletes who have been suicidal and depressed finish 5th in the Olympics, coaches who feel trapped and have lost their spark because they haven’t won in a while and they are getting pressure. Whilst we are are aware that winning is fun, engaging, motivating there has to be a keen eye on the long term impact on human beings who only ever measure their worth on the number of wins and not the times they had a chance to compete, be a role model, overcome adversity…the list goes on. Ego plays a big part in this in so many sport. Sports Psychs would argue that the work winning if over used can become harming to the individual for all the reasons above here and more. Building honesty in your sport, world or performance environment is incredible and admirable.